Who is behind the mask?

There is one way to absolutely identity the human being, the virtuoso guitarist and continuing enigma known as Buckethead. It took some time, but I finally figured out precisely how to determine who the real buckethead is...How?

Take a very close look at a Buckethead live video, one that shows his right hand in close-up action. Notice - you cannot help but notice - that the veins on the top of his hand stand out like two blue-snakes. Seriously, nobody I have ever seen has veins in their hand anything like that.

In fact, the only people that have pop-out veins are bodybuilders and theirs are usually on on their biceps. I submit that we if anyone can find Brian Carrol and the veins of his hand look like snakes, then he's Buckethead, if not, he's not.

I challenge anyone to find a pic of any person with veins on the back of their hand that comes close to matching Bucketheads...But then, do we really want to know who is behind the mask? This is the only way to categorically identify the Bucket or a poser, I submit.