A Real Diamond in the Rough
A Real Diamond in the Rough
Name A Real Diamond in the Rough
Artist Buckethead
Type studio
Released May 1, 2009
Genre(s) Experimental rock
Length 41:07
Label(s) TDRS Music
Producer(s) Dan "Brewer" Monti
Buckethead album chronology
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A Real Diamond in the Rough
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A Real Diamond in the Rough is avant-garde musician Buckethead's 26th solo album, featuring 13 songs that last just over 40 minutes. Through the TDRS label, it was announced on April 27th for a May 1st release. The record was produced by Dan Monti, who was also responsible for drum programming and bass. Bryan "Brain" Mantia plays drums on tracks 2, 4 & 7. The album was created in dedication to Stan Diamond, who was Buckethead's legal representative. The last song, 'The Captain of EO' is another reference to Disney, a 3D film featuring Michael Jackson, whom Buckethead was highly influenced by.

The album is one of Buckethead's more 'calming' records, similar to the 1998 release "Colma" and 2002's "Electric Tears"


# Title Length
1. "Broken Mirror"   4:16
2. "Big D's Touch"   4:11
3. "Separate Sky"   2:58
4. "Dawn Appears"   3:46
5. "A Real Diamond in the Rough"   4:08
6. "Sundial"   1:04
7. "Squid Ink"   3:05
8. "Four Rivers"   2:38
9. "Allowed to Play"   1:55
10. "Formless Present"   3:44
11. "Squid Ink Part 2"   0:56
12. "The Miracle of Surrender"   5:37
13. "The Return of Captain EO"   3:30