Albino Slug
Name Albino Slug
Artist Buckethead
Type studio
Released Sep 17 2008
Length 40:09
Label(s) TDRS Music
Producer(s) Dan Brewer Monti
Buckethead album chronology
From the Coop (2008) Albino Slug (2008) Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (2009)

Albino Slug is the 24th studio album by guitarist Buckethead. It is also the fifth album originally only be sold on tour. It will eventually be made available for purchase online through TDRS Music.

The announcement of this album came with the confirmation of two other albums to be released by Buckethead, The Dragons of Eden and Bolt on Neck by Frankenstein Brothers (Buckethead and That 1 Guy):

The Dragons CD was not supposed to be announced till today after the first tour show where 3 new CDs where offered for sale. It was a little dull around here so I started what I though were pretty obscure glues above the posts here on the forum.

Of the three new CDs on the tour, two of them will be tour only for the time being

Track Listing[]

# Title Length
1. "The Redeem Team"   5:01
2. "Siege Engine"   8:12
3. "Pink Eye"   3:24
4. "Dawn at the Deuce"   4:17
5. "Flee Flicker"   2:34
6. "Symmetrical Slug"   2:50
7. "The Bight of Benin"   1:36
8. "Fear of Salt"   2:56
9. "Spooner Arks"   2:43
10. "Electric Bell Blanket"   0:54
11. "Tide Pools"   2:44
12. "Shell Substitutions"   1:51
13. "Forgotten Trail"   1:07


  • Buckethead - Guitars
  • Dan "Brewer" Monti - Programming & production
  • Travis Dickerson - Additional guitar recording & graphic design


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