Arcana was a band of Tony Williams and Bill Laswell. Their first album was produced by John Zorn and Robert Musso while their second (and last) release Arc of the Testimony featured Buckethead, Pharoah Sanders, Byard Lancaster, Graham Haynes and Nicky Skopelitis.

Arcana was Tony Williams' last recording project before he died in 1997. Bill Laswell wrote:

Tony Williams left our world before we reached the final stages of completing this project. In no way can words begin to describe the massive sense of loss or the unexpected shock that this impossible reality represents for me. As time passes, Tony will certainly be remembered as the young prodigy who revolutionized the sound of Miles Davis in the 1960s, who probably more than any other drummer understood the limitless possibilities of music. But even more importantly, in his artistry, dedication, and strength of character - both as a musician and as a person - Tony WIlliams has influenced an entire generation, as he will continue to do for generations to come. Here is a testimonial to his enormous original gift, his profound craftsmanship and relentless creative energy, his open mind, his lifetime, his legend.

All respect...

Bill Laswell 25 March 1997


  • 1996: The Last Wave
  • 1997: Arc of the Testimony

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