As well as being a solo artist since 1992, Buckethead often releases albums as Death Cube K - he has used this name as an alias since 1994 (most recently used in 2007).

  • Deli Creeps (since 1988)
    • a band with singer Maximum Bob, touring much in the early years (as documented in Buckethead's DVDs), but nowadays with a uncertain future.
  • Praxis (since 1992)
  • with Viggo Mortensen (since 1999)
    • some crazy recordings, sometimes featuring Travis
  • Shin Terai / Shine / Shin.E (since 1999)
    • although under Shin Terai's sole name, Laswell and Buckethead contributed to every album
  • Thanatopsis (since 2001)
    • jazz rock band with Travis, future uncertain, no live dates yet
  • Buckethead & Friends (since 2005)
    • call it Buckethead's more commercial project for Serj Tankians label with some great guest vocalists
  • with Travis Dickerson (since 2006)
  • Science Faxtion (since 2007)
    • Bootsy Collins' project, similiar to Zillatron one and a half decades earlier

Former bands[]