Chicken Noodles
Chicken noodles
Name Chicken Noodles
Artist Buckethead & Travis Dickerson
Type Album
Released September, 2006
Length 51:00
Label(s) TDRSmusic
Producer(s) Travis Dickerson
Buckethead & Travis Dickerson album chronology

Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles II

Chicken Noodles is a collaborative album by Buckethead and Travis Dickerson, released in 2006. It was inspired by the track Cruel Reality Of Nature from Buckethead's album Population Override (on which Dickerson also collaborated), and was intended as a stripped down and very simplistic version of that song.

Cruel Reality Of Nature off Population Override has always been one of our favorite tracks.

We decided to explore just the Telecaster and Fender Rhoades combo for some extended tracks. The CD is that, four pieces of music, very stripped down. If you liked Cruel Reality Of Nature you may enjoy this.[1]

Track listing[]

  1. "Enter Tomorrow" – 13:07
  2. "Loss From a Distance" – 18:01
  3. "Sorrow of Discord" – 11:28
  4. "False Directions" – 8:24