Crime Slunk Scene
Buckethead - crime slunk scene
Name Crime Slunk Scene
Artist Buckethead
Type Studio album
Released September 15, 2006
Genre(s) Heavy metal, experimental Rock
Length 44:21
Label(s) Bucketheadland
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Crime Slunk Scene
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Crime Slunk Scene is the 18th studio album by solo artist Buckethead. The 4th (and so far latest) tour only CD. It was originally only sold on his 2006 tour, but was later made available on Travis Dickerson's record label TDRS music, until it eventually went out of print.

The demand for the album was still very high, and eventually Travis Dickerson decided to attempt a re-pressing of the disc. However, as future projects took up a lot of time, fans were asked to pre-order the re-pressing of Crime Slunk Scene, with no set date for when the album would be released. When the pre-orders got to a certain amount, the re-pressing of the album was OK'd.

Dickerson has also stated that there could be future reissues of other Buckethead discs using this same process.

A rare unmasked photo of Buckethead can be seen on the CD.

Track listing[]

# Title Length
1. "King James"   3:57
2. "Gory Head Stump 2006: The Pageant of the Slunks"   5:31
3. "The Fairy and the Devil"   2:57
4. "Buddy Berkman's Ballad"   3:40
5. "Mad Monster Party"   3:24
6. "Soothsayer" (Dedicated to Aunt Suzie) 9:04
7. "Col. Austin VS Col. Sanders AKA Red Track Suit"   3:22
8. "We Can Rebuild Him"   3:36
9. "Electronic Slight of Hand"   2:57
10. "Mecha Gigan"   2:39
11. "Slunk Parade AKA Freaks in the Back"   3:14


  • Track 02, "Gory Head Stump 2006: The Pageant of the Slunks", is a reprise of the song "Hook & Pole Gang" which can be found on Bucketheadland.


  • Dan Brewer Monti - Programming and production.
  • Buckethead - Bionic Cattleprod.
  • Travis Dickerson - Additional guitar recording.
  • Chris Jones - Slunkwrangler.
  • P-Sticks - Documentation.
  • Chicken painted by Momma Buckethead.
  • Buckethead figure crafted from a nice man out down Texas way.