Deli Creeps
Background information
Origin San Francisco, USA
Genre(s) Alternative Metal
Heavy Metal
Experimental Rock
Years active 19912005
Website Official website
Maximum Bob
Dan Monti
Former members
Saucy Patches
Tony Black
Josh Bockles

The Deli Creeps are an experimental rock band consisting of Maximum Bob on vocals, Buckethead on guitar and Pinchface on drums.


The Deli Creeps formed in the late 1980s in Southern California, USA, but shortly after moved to San Francisco. In 1991 they released their first demo tape with Tony Black on bass, after which they gained a strong loyal following before splitting up. The band reformed in 1996 to release a second demo tape. Shortly after they had all moved on once again before reforming for the third time.

Their first feature length LP was released in late 2005 titled, Dawn of the Deli Creeps, this time with Dan Monti as the bassist. The album features the song "Random Killing", which with different lyrics is featured on the Buckethead album Giant Robot (1994), there called "I Come In Peace"; another version is the Cornbugs' song "The Power And The Gory" from the album Spot The Psycho. Also featured on the album is Flesh For The Beast, a song for the movie by the same title.

While the future of the band is uncertain all members still contribute to Buckethead related projects.



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