Deli Creeps
Deli Creeps 1991 Demo
Name Deli Creeps
Artist Deli Creeps
Type Demo album
Label(s) Self-released
Deli Creeps album chronology
Deli Creeps
(demo album)

Deli Creeps
(demo album)

Deli Creeps
(demo album)


The 1991 Demo Tape was the first of two Demo Tapes that were recorded by the Deli Creeps and distributed by the band throughout the San Francisco Bay area during the 1990s.

This release is out of print, but It is available for legal download at Buckethead-Coop, along with the "Deli Creeps (Demo Tape 1996)".

Track Listing[]

# Title Length
1. "Random Killing"   4:48
2. "Dream Girl"   3:54
3. "Tribal Rites"   2:47
4. "Shadows"   4:42
5. "Can I Have a Ride?"   4:35


  • "Random Killing" uses the same music as "I Come in Peace" from the 1994 Buckethead album "Giant Robot". It also uses the same music as "Power & the Gory" from the Cornbugs album "Spot the Psycho".
  • "Random Killing", "Dream Girl" and "Can I Have a Ride?" were all on the 2005 Deli Creeps album "Dawn of the Deli Creeps".
  • "Tribal Rites" is the same song as "Brazos", a song Buckethead entered into Guitar Player Magazine in 1988, which he won "Runner Up".
  • "Can I Have a Ride?" appeared on all three Deli Creeps releases as different recordings of the same song.