Deli Creeps
Name Deli Creeps
Artist Deli Creeps
Type Demo album
Recorded Self-released
Deli Creeps album chronology
Deli Creeps
(demo album)
Deli Creeps (demo album)
Dawn of the Deli Creeps

The 1996 Demo Tape was the second of two demo recordings that the Deli Creeps released themselves in the San Francisco Bay area during the 1990s.

This album is out of print and available for legal download at http://www.buckethead-coop.com/downloads.html along with the Deli Creeps Demo Tape 1991.

Track listing[]

# Title Length
1. "Boom Cha Ka"   4:06
2. "Can I Have a Ride?"   6:05
3. "Chores"   5:17
4. "Bend Up"   3:55
5. "Feast of Freaks"   14:01



  • "Bend Up" (also known as "Pink Wagon") is a song about anal sex. This is shown with lyrics such as "I park my pink wagon in your brown street".