Forensic Follies
Name Forensic Follies
Artist Buckethead
Type Studio
Released June 1, 2009
Genre(s) Experimental rock
Length 42:53
Label(s) TDRS Music
Producer(s) Dan "Brewer" Monti
Buckethead album chronology
A Real Diamond in the Rough
Forensic Follies
Needle in a Slunk Stack

Forensic Follies is Buckethead's 27th solo album and 6th album to be originally released on tour. It was announced on May 26th for a June 1st release.

The record has a very different sound compared to any of Buckethead's previous releases. Using riff and beat samples from older songs, the pieces are then reconstructed in a 'chopped up' style.

Forensic Follies is mainly comprised of guitar playing over backing tracks from previous albums. "Splinter in a Slunk's Eye", for example, uses the drum track from "Korova Binge Bar" from Island of Lost Minds. This track also features many pieces of songs from Albino Slug, most notably "Symmetrical Slug" and "Siege Engine". "Slunk Shrine" uses the drum track from "Gigan" off the album The Elephant Man's Alarm Clock, while other songs feature sounds from Buckethead's album Slaughterhouse on the Prairie.


# Title Length
1. "Forensic Follies"   3:54
2. "A-Cycle Light-Ray Cannons"   6:25
3. "Splinter In A Slunk's Eye"   5:35
4. "Under Sea Scalp"   2:53
5. "Whirlwind"   3:36
6. "Plunger"   3:06
7. "Trunk Of The Tree"   2:02
8. "Slunk Shrine"   2:12
9. "Open Coffin Jamboree"   3:17
10. "(I'll Be) Taking Care Of Grampa"   2:36
11. "Three Headed Troll"   2:24
12. "Splinter Dissection"   2:12
13. "Mannequin Molds"   2:41


  • Buckethead - Finger pikes, guitar
  • Dan Monti - Drum programming and bass
  • Artwork by Bryan Theiss, Frankenseuss Labs, Seattle
  • Produced by Dan Monti & Albert
  • Engineered and mixed by Dan Monti