Jordan is a song by guitarist Buckethead, which has yet to be included in an album. A special version of this song was written specifically for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 video game Guitar Hero II, in which it is an unlockable bonus track. It is considered one of the most difficult songs to play in all four Guitar Hero games on 'Expert' difficulty due to the complexity of its guitar solos, particularly the "Guitar solo B" and "Guitar solo C" sections. On the Xbox 360 version, an achievement is awarded for passing it on 'Expert' difficulty.


Prior to Guitar Hero II, Jordan was played only at live shows and was only the intro and outro to the Guitar Hero II version, and Buckethead would play another song (usually Post Office Buddy from Giant Robot) or a short series of songs or a jam in between. With the exception of the Guitar Hero II soundtrack it has yet to be released on an album. But it is available on iTunes (since August 09), it is sold like a single, with it being its own album, only containing itself. it it the version used in Guitar Hero II.

The main riff of the song is played using left hand hammer-ons and pull-offs, while Buckethead's right hand uses a kill switch. The main riff also features extensive use of a Digitech Whammy pitch shifter. The songs Jump Man and Night of the Slunk from the album Monsters and Robots, feature riff that are very similar to Jordan, consisting of the 16 note rhythm in every four beats.

The fastest 32nd note tapping portions of the solo reach approximately 14.5 notes per second, while the picked sections reach approximately 14 notes per second.[1]

Buckethead wrote the solo primarily for Guitar Hero II, where he was contacted by Marcus Henderson. Henderson wanted a song between three and four minutes and nothing over 64th notes. Then Buckethead sent him a voicemail containing the song. Henderson stated that Buckethead feels that Jordan is one of the best things he has ever recorded.[2] He also stated that Jordan was a homage to Michael Jordan, whom Buckethead is a huge fan of.