Mr. Bungle
Name Mr. Bungle
Artist Mr. Bungle
Type studio
Released August 13, 1991
Recorded 1991
Genre(s) Various
Length 73:21
Label(s) Warner Brothers Records
Producer(s) John Zorn and Mr. Bungle
Professional reviews
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Mr. Bungle album chronology
Mr. Bungle
Disco Volante

Mr. Bungle is the 1991 self-titled album by Mr. Bungle. The album contains many genre shifts which are typical of the band, and helped increase the band's popularity, gaining them a reasonable following and fanbase. The first track, Quote Unquote was originally titled Travolta but had to be changed for legal reasons.

Track listing[]

# Title Length
1. "Quote Unquote"   6:56
2. "Slowly Growing Deaf"   6:59
3. "Squeeze Me Macaroni"   5:38
4. "Carousel"   5:13
5. "Egg"   10:30
6. "Stubb (a Dub)"   7:19
7. "My Ass Is on Fire"   7:47
8. "The Girls of Porn"   6:42
9. "Love Is a Fist"   6:01
10. "Dead Goon"   10:02


  • Only early pressings title the first song "Travolta"; at the request of Warner it was renamed to "Quote Unquote" (the name of an unofficial biography of the actor) to avoid legal complications.
  • Some songs originated from the demos OU818 and Goddammit I Love America
  • "Quote Unquote" is the only Mr. Bungle song to have an official music video; however, this video was never aired on MTV. However, the video is in the MTV Two archive and has been played on their show 120 Metal Minutes
  • Samples from David Lynch's 1986 film Blue Velvet are strewn throughout the album. And it's publicly known that Mike Patton would like to compose music or design the whole soundtrack to one of David Lynch's future projects.
  • Other samples included Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial outtakes, items from the videogames "Super Mario Bros", "Smash TV", and “RBI Baseball", the movies Blue Velvet and Sharon's Sex Party, and the pinball games "Cyclone", Earthshaker", and "Haunted House".
  • Deli Creeps singer Maximum Bob performs backup vocals; this was his first album appearance.
  • The track "Carousel" contains the line "Will Warner Brothers put our records on the shelf?". In the lyric sheet, it replaces that line with "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee", a song from the musical Grease.


  • David Bryson - Engineer, Mixing
  • Matt Murman - Assistant Engineer, Digital editing
  • John Zorn - Producer
  • Mr. Bungle - Producer
  • Bob Ludwig - Mastering
  • Troy Blakely - Agency
  • Stan Diamond - Legal Representation
  • Kristin Yee - Management
  • Anthony Lee - Design
  • Lisa Wells - Photo Type-set
  • David Louapre - Cover and Interior Art
  • Dan Sweetman - Cover and Interior Art
  • Jay Marshall - Center Backcover Art
  • P. Earwig - Inside Double Panel Art
  • Mike Patton - vocals
  • Danny Heifetz - drums
  • Trey Spruance - Guitar
  • Trevor Dunn - Bass
  • Clinton "Bär" McKinnon - Tenor Saxophone
  • Theobald Brooks Lengyel - Alto & Bäri Intonation
  • David Shea - Turntables
  • Yeesus Krist - Backing Vocals
  • Maximum Bob - Backing Vocals
  • Kahli - Backing Vocals
  • Jennifer - Backing Vocals

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