Pat Thrall is an American rock guitarist. Thrall is a native of the San Francisco area, and began his recording career in 1976.

Thrall has worked with former Deep Purple bassist Glenn Hughes on the Hughes/Thrall project, and was a member of the Pat Travers Band during the peak of Travers' success. He cowrote one of Travers' biggest hits, a hard-driving tune entitled Snortin' Whiskey, which became one of the most requested songs on American radio in 1980.

Thrall later joined Asia, and played lead guitar for Meat Loaf during that artist's major comeback in the 1990's. He has also recorded with Beyonce, Elton John, Tina Turner, and Dave Stewart, to name a few. Thrall is a very technical guitarist, and has been highly respected among his peers for more than thirty years.


Stomu Yamashta[]

  • Go (guitar; 1976)

Automatic Man[]

  • Automatic Man (guitar, vocals; 1976)
  • Visitors (guitar; 1977)

Pat Travers[]

  • Heat in the Street (guitar; 1978)
  • Go for What You Know (guitar; 1979)
  • Crash & Burn (guitar; 1980)
  • Live in Concert (guitar; 1980)
  • Radio Active (guitar; 1981)


  • Hughes/Thrall (guitar, guitar synthesizer; 1982)


  • Live in Moscow (guitar; 1990)
  • Now Nottingham Live (guitar; 1997)
  • Aura (guitar; 2001)

Meat Loaf[]

  • Bat out of Hell II: Back into Hell (guitar, percussion; 1992)
  • Welcome to the Neighbourhood (guitar; 1995)
  • Live Around the World (guitar; 1996)

Glenn Hughes[]

  • Feel (guitar, co-producer; 1995)


  • Mold (guitar; 1998)

Joe Satriani[]

  • Engines of Creation (bass; 2000)

MTV's Wuthering Heights[]

  • MTV's Wuthering Heights (guitar, co-producer; 2003)

External links[]

  • Biography on the official homepage of Pat Thrall and Glenn Hughes