Current Events[]

  • Category:Events by year built. Buckethead related events can be filled in.
  • 2008 solo tour built. Link from there to articles on single concerts, filled with your review and maybe some pictures or Youtube footage. Don't forgt to link to Category:Buckethead tours!
    • If you have the complete dates of past tours, build new pages similiar to this.
  • Have an eye on Special:Newpages to see what's going on at the moment.

What you can do[]

  • Submit as much content as possible (own work or copied from other wikis (cite your source!)).
    • Create articles on all the albums still missing, see Buckethead discography.
      • Upload cover images (under Fair use).
      • Submit reviews found on the web, see Buckethead reviews.
      • Submit other information like song title sources (see thread on Buckethead.tk for this).
    • Create articles on musicians Buckethead has worked with or expand Buckethead related content in existing ones.
    • Create sub-articles on Buckethead related topics not found in Wikipedia and link them under Current events on this page.
  • Cure ill templates.
    • HTML seems not working here properly, so most band templates from WP don't work here. Help out if you can!
  • Don't be shy to submit content not yet listed here! This list is no dogm and Bucketheadland is open to about every new idea!

Wanted articles[]

(last major update: March 2, 2008)