Robert Musso[]

Robert Musso is a New York City-based guitarist,[1] composer,[2] engineer,[3] and producer. He is the founder of the independent record label MuWorks as well as the recently launched MussoMusic.com. Over the course of a 25 year career, working on any side of the mic, Musso has produced, mixed, re-mixed,[4], played on, written, or otherwise contributed to over 1000 records, CDs, movie soundtracks, etc. on every continent in the world except Antarctica.

Early career[]

After graduating from Rutgers University with 2 degrees, an assortment of guitars, and miscellaneous stringed instruments, Musso relocated to New York City. In 1980, he began seeking and obtaining studio work as a musician, engineer, and/or assistant producer. During this period, he worked with a wide variety of artists, including Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan. In 1981, he began a long and fruitful association with Bill Laswell, which continues to this day.


In 1986, Musso founded MuWorks records [5]with the original intention (later expanded) of promoting improvised music. Artists who have released CDs through MuWorks include Thomas Chapin, Last Exit, Lunar Bear Ensemble, Musso himself, and Machine Gun.

Machine Gun[]

Beginning in 1986, Thomas Chapin and Musso led the downtown improvisational ensemble,[6] Machine Gun, a band with a primal philosophy: no rehearsals, no sound checks. They'd meet at the gig, they'd open fire, they'd disperse. Three of these concerts have been preserved on CD.

Selected Discography[]

Solo work (as Robert Musso)[]

  • Absolute Music (1989)
  • Active Resonance (1992)
  • Intermedium (1999)

Solo work (as Transonic)[]

  • Downstream Illusion (1994)
  • Virtual Content (1994)
  • Future Primitive (1995)

with Machine Gun[]

  • Machine Gun (1988)
  • Open Fire (1989)
  • Pass the Ammo (1992)

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