Secret Recipe
Secret Recipe (Buckethead DVD)
Name Secret Recipe
Artist Buckethead
Type video
Released 2005
Genre(s) Avant-garde music, Progressive Metal, Rock, Funk Metal, Experimental, Guitar Virtuoso
Length 3:00:00
Label(s) Shriek Show
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Secret Recipe
Young Buckethead Vol. 1

Secret Recipe is the first Buckethead DVD, it compiles highlights of the guitarists first 13 years as a performer and theme park proprietor. From his days when he started with the band Deli Creeps through his collaborations and travels. In this DVD you can see Buckethead live on stage and in binge clips, music videos and early home video footage.

Secret Recipe is a 2-disc DVD featuring over 3 hours of music, chills, thrills and unhinged humor. It's a celebration of 13 years of this masked man's music career. Includes home movies, live performances, rare music tracks, videos and guests.


  • Music Videos
  • Rare and Unreleased Early Buckethead Recordings
  • Illustrated Discography
  • Scrapbook
  • Photo and Poster Gallery
  • Illustrated Guide to Guitar/Nunchaku Combat
  • Full-length Bootleg Concert Performance in Boston 4/8/04

Full-length Bootleg Concert NYC 04/04/2000 (easter egg). Put Disc 2 in your computer and go to disc files , you will find MP3s of both live shows and the four Guitar Player Demos that can be heard on Disc 1.

Easter egg that stops the DVD and ejects it from the player