Shin Terai is a Japanese musician and producer most known for his work with Bill Laswell and Buckethead. On his albums he combines Ambient and Electronic Music with Dub and Avantgarde Jazz.


Shin Terai gained some first publicity as the singer of Chaos Face, a project by Lasswell and Robert Musso. Second singer on the only album Doom Ride was Mick Harris, the former drummer of metal band Napalm Death.

Unison, the first album under his own name was released in 1999. Guest musicians included Bernie Worrell and Nicky Skopelitis besides Laswell and Buckethead. In 2004 Laswell reworked the material for the remix album Heaven & Hell. Intermediately Terai was producer of Soup, a trio of Laswell, guitarist Otomo Yoshihide and drummer Yasuhiro Yoshigake (also playing trumpet).

In 2007, Lightyears another album under his own name was released. It featured the core members Laswell, Buckethead and Worrell besides Nils Petter Molvær (trumpet), Lili Hayden (violin), Karl Berger (strings), DXT (turntables) and Laswell's wife Gigi. Additionally, Aman Laswell (son of Gigi and Bill) can be heard gabbling. The album is dedicated to him.

Diskography (partial)[]

  • 1994: Chaos Face - Doom Ride (as singer)
  • 1999: Shin Terai - Unison
  • 2003: Soup - Soup (as producer)
  • 2004: Soup - Soup Live (as producer)
  • 2004: Shine - Heaven & Hell
  • 2007: Shin.e - Lightyears