“The Ballad of Buckethead”
Song by Buckethead
Album Monsters and Robots
Released April 20 1999
Recorded Rancho Relaxo studios
Genre Experimental rock, funk metal
Length 3:59
Label Higher Octave
Writer Buckethead, Les Claypool, Bryan Mantia
Producer Les Claypool
Monsters and Robots track listing
Stick Pit
The Ballad of Buckethead
Sow Thistle

The Ballad of the Buckethead is a song by guitarist Buckethead. It is the third track on his 1999 album Monsters and Robots, and is one of the few Buckethead songs to prominently feature vocals, which are performed by Primus' Les Claypool. It is one of four Buckethead songs to have a music video, the other three being "We Are One" from Buckethead's album Enter the Chicken, Spokes for the Wheel of Torment from Buckethead's 2004 album The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, and Viva Voltron which isn't from any particular album.

It is split into three verses, with the chorus following the first and third verse. The song, as its title suggests, tells the story of Buckethead's life, particularly his upbringing. According to Buckethead's official biography, he was raised in a chicken coop by chickens, and the lyrics to The Ballad of Buckethead continue this theme:

Buckethead found his freedom at the age of 17

When he burned the chicken house down with a quart of gasoline
He did puppet shows on corners and bought a real guitar
And with the help of Colonel Sanders he's bound to be a star

The song contains a smoking guitar solo after the second verse. The lead is very technical and utilizes a lot of trademark Buckethead licks, including extended augmented chord sweeping/tapping and multi-finger nubbing.