Young Buckethead Vol. 2
Name Young Buckethead Vol. 2
Artist Buckethead
Type video
Released 2006
Recorded 1990 to 1991
Southern California
Genre(s) Instrumental, Acoustic
Length 1:35:00
Label(s) Avabella Productions
Producer(s) Jas Obrecht
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Buckethead album chronology
Young Buckethead Vol. 1
Young Buckethead Vol. 2

Young Buckethead Vol. 2 is a DVD made by Buckethead and released in 2006 by Jas Obrecht's label, Avabella.

Consist of a recompilation of concerts made by Buckethead and the band Deli Creeps, in which Buckethead is part of, just as Buckethead and the Deli Creeps were beginning to play outside of their southern California hometown. The material is cut into 2 volumes.

Vol. 2 features two complete Deli Creeps concerts in San Francisco, unrehearsed backstage footage, and a very rare Buckethead interview in a park. This time Saucy Patches appeared in one concert (9/1/90), before being replaced by Tony Black in the other concert (4/3/91).

All drawings were made by Buckethead.



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